WILD Background

WILD is founded in 2006. Crazy about the aesthetics of nature with countless amazing plants flowers, and animals.  We look for ways to combine this
love with  the professional background, being designer.

The skin of a zebra,  the colour shades of the flamingo, the feathers of the owl … all so much more beautiful than any man could invent himself. Our unique prints draw their inspiration from the elegance of the natural world. After all,  it has so much beauty to offer. In this urban era we want to allow people to experience this exquisite beauty for themselves.

Our logo: a cow being plain Dutch, is a strong symbol  for Dutch design. Dutch design made in Europe.

WILD styling

WILD is about the beauty of nature itself, displayed in a stylish, fashionable way. According our philosophy “Nature is precious” and we want to reflect nature to people in a bright, colorful way striving to be a mirror of nature. WILD uses own real-life pictures of animals, plants and flowers and turn them into true-to-nature inspiring prints. Our designs are just as nature, timeless, original & stylish. The styling is fashionable but modest, no frills what so ever and with an  eye for quality & fitting.

WILD  produces comfortable clothing for boys and girls in sizes from 86/92 to 146/152. WILD launches as well as a particular WILD kids shoe collection. No name fitted better than WILD, that simply covers what we are doing.







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